Nils H. Rasmussen

Nils H. Rasmussen is the CEO of a successful international technology company that he founded 15 years ago. He has led the company and its subsidiaries to complete more than 1,000 business intelligence implementations in 20+ countries. His company has received several national awards, including Business Intelligence Partner of the Year from Microsoft. Nils is an international expert in performance management software and optimizing corporate performance through through collaboration technologies.

In 2012, he completed the extensive 22 year study (1990-2012) “How to maximize organizational efficiency” focusing on driving corporate performance, through collaboration technologies. The study resulted in development of a brand new task/strategy driven collaboration technology called Insight, which was used in the "Vegas Vikings" case study, first presented at the prestige’s World Future Society's international annual 2011 conference. The main premise was a 10 step process for strategy execution, with collaboration as the enabler, a process Nils already used to assist corporate client. After first presenting the case study in 2011 the plan was later executed "in the field" becoming very successful creating a blue print for others to replicate. 

Before launching his technology company in 1996, Nils worked with planning and forecasting for Helly Hansen, a leading, global manufacturing company, and Telenor, an international telecom company. Prior to entering the field of software technology he co-founded a newspaper covering the job market for people seeking employment and re-training, with emphasis on forecasting future trends in the various growth sectors of the economy. He is also the co-author of leading edge technology and performance management books published by Wiley & Son; "Budgeting", "Process Improvement", "Business Intelligence” and “Business Dashboards”.

Nils graduated with a BBA from University of Oregon, Eugene, conducted his studies in information management at Harvard and received his MBA from Thunderbird, American School of International Management in Arizona. Professional affiliations includes; World Future Society and AXUG (Microsoft user group), where he is a frequent speaker on process improvement through business intelligence and long term forecasting.

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